Ramadan’s Retail Beat: An audio ad strategy for Ramadan

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Suzi Kuban

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Planning a Ramadan campaign? In this article we look at how retail commerce companies can build an audio ad strategy that’s in line with the changing consumer behaviours of The Holy Month. Thereby skyrocketing sales!

Ramadan doesn’t just shift consumer behavior once during a 4-week period. It’s a ride with multiple changes – kicking off 8 weeks prior, and ends far beyond Eid.

Given Ramadan’s significant impact on retailer’s bottom line, it’s essential marketers in this sector note every change in their communication content and style. Doing this will benefit recall, awareness, and ultimately sales.

Here’s how you can use audio to do this, and build a strategy that makes this Ramadan your best one yet.

Retail and audio advertising

Firstly a quick note on audio and retail sector. It’s 2024, audio should already be part of your playbook. If not then you might want to take a read of this. The article looks at why podcasts and audio ads are the new darlings of retail marketing. Which is because, they’re engaging, have low ad saturation, easy on budgets, and (let’s be honest), everyone’s ears are hooked on them.

Now back to Retail, Ramadan, and Audio…

Your Ramadan marketing audio plan

As the Holy Month unfolds, consumer behavior undergoes multiple shifts to buying patterns. Retail and commerce companies can capitalize on this opportunity. By aligning audio advertising messaging to behavioral phases you can significantly increase the impact of your advertising.

Here is a break down of the phases and the strategy to use.

Phase 1: Pre-Ramadan Preparation

– This phase can start from 8 weeks before Ramadan begins.

– There is a focus on spiritual connection, home preparations, and fashion.

Audio Ad Strategy: As searches and mindset turns to Ramadan, make sure you are there. Early campaign launches across multiple audio platforms, formats and genres is ideal to spread mass awareness. Your message should be upbeat, positive, emphasising spiritual and/or family themes.

Phase 2: The Beginning of Ramadan

– At the beginning there is heightened sense of religious sentiment and personal care.

– The start also marks increased advertising noise. Inboxes, social feeds and sites will be flooded with similar Ramadan wishes and messaging.

Audio Ad Strategy: This is where audio can really help you stand out. Low ad saturation give you one-on-one time with valuable consumers. Layer personalisation in the creative with dynamic elements, such as before and after iftar. If budget allows pinpoint specific podcasts for sponsorships. This will help you to reach your key audience at a deeper level. Emotional and spiritually uplifting messaging in the creative will align you to the listener mindset.

Phase 3: Mid-Ramadan to Pre-Eid

– Already preparation for Eid begins. A particular, an increase in searches for gifts, fashion, and food.

– There’s also a noticeable increase in searches for Eid-related promotions, deals, and offers

Audio Ad Strategy: Emphasise promotions. Give listeners a deal! If not showcase the convenience in shopping with you, and your gift options. Incorporating location-based targeting can also be effective during this phase to reduce wastage and increase personalisation.

Phase 4: Eid Celebration and Beyond

– This is the post-Ramadan period characterised by travel and a return to routine.

– During this time consumers are still looking for gifts, convenience and offers.

– The mind is also turning to activities after Eid.

Audio Ad Strategy: Retailers should highlight post-Ramadan sales and products/experiences that facilitate the transition back to daily routines. Use specific promos codes for audio listeners to drive conversions. A creative with aspirational messaging for the time after Ramadan and Eid will also be effective.

The Bottom Line

Understanding and aligning with the behavioral phases of consumers during Ramadan is crucial for effective audio advertising. By tailoring audio advertising strategies to match these phases, retailers and commerce companies can enhance their engagement with consumers, leading to increased brand affinity and sales. This strategic approach not only respects the cultural significance of Ramadan but also leverages the unique consumer behaviours it engenders.

Download a PDF of these Phases of Ramadan and the audio strategy here!

Want to launch a Ramadan audio campaign?

There are multiple options to launching a Ramadan campaign.

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For more detailed insights and data to support these strategies, you can refer to the original sources: Think with Google – The 4 behavioral phases of Ramadan and Next Broadcast Media – Retail Marketing & Audio Advertising. These sources provide comprehensive information on consumer trends and effective advertising strategies during Ramadan.

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