Intro to Podcast Influencers & Sponsorship

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

The ultimate introduction to podcast influencers and different approaches to sponsorships

Podcast hosts are the next big influencers that you need to know and engage with. Here’s why and how to use them in your next campaign.

Already crushing it for brands, podcast influencers know what their audience wants and how to entice them. Plus, they come with a hefty inbuilt trust factor. When a host features your brand, they’ll bring it to life without being straight advertising.


Difference between podcast influencers and social

Social influencers and podcast influencers are similar in essence. BUT, as any audiophile will attest, there is a difference in quality. Sound triggers much richer emotions, feelings, and trust than visuals. This makes it twice as persuasive! A host also adds emotional inflexions and personality, essential for connecting with customers.

What about the all-important ROAS? A podcast host warmly introduces your brand in a contextually relevant environment. This will lead to better prompted and unprompted recall and purchase intent. A Nielsen study revealed that:

  • 70% of podcast listeners gained brand awareness through a podcast.
  • 62% successfully recalled brand advertisements
  • Another 62% considered purchasing.

The strong recall and awareness will amplify all the other online activities you are running, making each marketing dollar work harder.

4 ways to advertise with podcast influencers


  • PRODUCT PLACEMENT: You will feature in the episode content itself in a casual manner with the host organically using your brand/product/service within the conversation. You can request they still hit certain features or talking points but hosts should have the freedom to talk as they wish. Without a strict script to follow you’ll more seamlessly fit into the tone and values of their show, which audiences resonate with better and limit any chance of being turned off by outright forms of advertising.


  • DIRECT RESPONSE: This is a popular option with advertisers and one I’m sure we’ve all experienced. Direct response ads are scripted 30-60 second host read ads, that are prerecorded and end with a call for listeners to visit a website, use a discount code, or some other action. Dynamically inserted into the episode, the audience remains immersed in the show because they are hearing the host’s voice. While you will be called out as a sponsor, because the host is presenting your product you will still benefit from the trust listeners have in their recommendations.


  • LIVE READ: Like direct-response, these ads are mostly scripted and read by the host but performed live during an episode instead of being edited and dynamically inserted. Your brand will benefit from a more natural style of reading and ad-lib moments.


  • BRAND-SPONSORED PODCASTS: Brand sponsored podcasts is the highest level of influencer engagement you can get. Your brand will have an episode, segment or stand-alone show that bakes your brand and message into the show. This format positions you are experts, trustworthy, and valuable to the listener. You also get shout-outs, part of the creative and show notes, plus the potential of becoming part of ongoing conversations. Here’s a case study to check out.

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