Using audio for brand awareness campaigns

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

audio for brand awareness

Learn how to use audio ads to boost Brand Awareness


The extent to which consumers are familiar with your brand is a direct correlation of your businesses profit, market share, and ultimately – success! 

The only way to build awareness is getting your name out there, in a high quality manner. Tactics such as social media, events, customer service etc. are great…and essential. But in today’s world, audio is also part of that essentials list. 


Podcast ads generate 4.4 times higher brand recall than other forms of digital advertising.


The impact of audio on awareness of a brand

We see more and more people plugged into podcasts, music and audiobooks in their daily life. This is the new consumer behaviour business needs to realise isn’t a niche medium. This is especially true when it comes to awareness marketing, because audio packs a powerful punch! 

Here’s some quick stats to show you what I mean: 


  • A Nielson study states 62% of people questioned successfully recalled brand advertisements from a podcast.
  • Edison Research found 69% of respondents said podcast advertising increases their awareness of brands.
  • A Nielsen ad effectiveness study states podcast ads generate 4.4 times higher brand recall than other forms of digital advertising. 


Audio for brand awareness case study

Our recent campcase studyaign with Johnson and Johnson for Skin Balance moisturiser is a great real-world example of how podcasts deliver on awareness. In this campaign, the objective was to build awareness of the Johnson & Johnson Skin Balance product among females in the UAE. Using a programmatic podcast strategy, we distributed the 30 second audio ad across shows with high female listening audiences. The post-campaign study showed interest and recall almost double the average. 


Why is audio so good for awareness?

Brand brands like Johnson and Johnson see such good awareness results because of several factors including listen-though rate, trust, and targeting.

1. LTR: An audio ad’s average listen-through rate (LTR) is between 85-95%…compare that to the average YouTube ad view rate of 31.9%! This high LTR means ads are often heard in their entirety which spreads awareness rapidly and effectively.

2. Trusted Endorsements: Many podcast listeners feel a personal connection to the hosts/shows. When an ad is heard alongside their favourite show or endorsed by a host, it can significantly impact brand recognition.

3. Targeting: The vast amount of audio genre’s out there, means targeting can be precisely aligned to your brand, product and message. You can personalise ads according to mood and reach people most likely to be interested in your products.


Our pro-tip to maximise the awareness effect


Using a programmatic strategy for awareness marketing is our recommended approach, as it gives you huge reach, access to a highly engaged audience, and offers narrow targeting. Compared to other forms of advertising, it is also relatively affordable and very quick to execute too. 

As you’d expect, programmatic audio has all the targeting capabilities, analytics and real-time optimisation needed to create a strong campaign.  A pre-recorded audio ad is inserted into podcasts in an automated manner, within your targeting parameters. Industry research shows a 30 second ad is optimal, as it tends to do best for building awareness and brand familiarity. 

Put energy into creating a distinctive and memorable sonic identity for your brand. Consider the voice artist, music, sound effects, jingles etc, and reuse it for all audio elements. Consistency in your audio branding helps listeners associate your brand with the sounds they hear, increasing brand recall and awareness. While social media ads are primarily visual, think about incorporating elements of your sonic identity there too – as it aids in creating a recognisable brand.


The bottom line

Audio advertising has proven to be a powerful and essential tool for increasing brand awareness and driving engagement among consumers. Through audio you’re able to reach listeners in a variety of contexts, from music streaming, to podcasts and beyond. As you plan your next brand awareness marketing campaign, consider the unique advantages of audio advertising in your mix and how it can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level. With the right approach, you can use the power of sound to build a stronger brand and drive lasting results for your business.

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