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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

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In the competitive battlegrounds of retail marketing, players are constantly seeking innovative ways to get customers filling their carts with their product.

So it is no wonder podcasts and audio advertising has exploded among the retail sector. It is a dynamic and engaging medium, with low ad saturation and lower budget requirements. In retail marketing audio is rapidly gaining popularity to reach valuable customers.

Why Retail Marketing needs Podcasts and Audio Ads

For listeners, their podcast player is a personal library of interests, passions, and a place to learn and be entertained. For retailers, its an opportunity to forge deeper connections with consumers because of its unique advantage.

Podcast advertising is unobtrusive yet persuasive, allowing brands to seamlessly integrate their messages into listeners’ daily lives.

Whether it’s through show creation, sponsored segments or tailored ads, audio can create a memorable brand experience without the sensory overload often associated with visual media. With any of these marketing strategies retailers can quickly place themselves at the top of consumers minds.

case study

Case in Point: Claire’s Audio Adventure

A stellar example of this strategy in action is Claires Accessories recent marketing strategy.

Known for its trendy accessories and jewelry targeting younger demographics, Claire’s ventured into the audio space by producing scripted audio shows. This move isn’t just going to aid in advertising efforts. It’s will also create a high level brand experience that resonates with their core audience – Gen Z and Alpha.

As reported by Retail TouchPoints, this move marks a shift in how retail brands should approach marketing. Claire’s leverages the storytelling aspect of podcasts to immerse listeners in a world that reflects its brand ethos. The strategy will enhance the brand identity and connect with a younger audience that values authenticity and creativity.

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The Benefits for Retailers

  • Become top of mind: Audio content, especially podcasts, can captivate audiences with compelling storytelling, keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds.
  • Target most valuable: With the variety of podcasts available, retailers can pinpoint their most valuable customers and tailor messages that resonate.
  • Build brand loyalty: Regular podcast ads or content creates a consistent touchpoint with customers in an environment that is less cluttered. This fosters a sense of accessibility, loyalty and community around your brand.
  • Cost-Effective and fast: Compared to traditional advertising mediums, podcasts and audio ads can be more budget-friendly. With you can launch a campaign from just $250 and in 4 minutes.

Getting Started

If you or your client is a retailer and looking to dive into the audio advertising arena, consider this first.

You likely know who your customers are – but do you know what kind of content they listen to? Explore audio preferences and what’s available to them.

Consider the timeframe you have. Do you need something live quick to support a sale or launch? Then dynamic ads are your best solution. You can go live fast and reach millions of ears.

But if you have a lot of budget to invest. Then consider sponsorship of top shows in your niche. Partnering with podcasters to promote your store will grant access to an existing pool of customers that are open to hearing recommendations and promos.

Take time to look at what already exists in the audio space for your audience. Question if your business should (or needs to) create something, or would sponsorships/ads work? In the Claire’s case study, the business opted to create a show, Ideal as they already have a well established brand identity and following they can bring to the platform.

Use these answers to decide whether to sponsor existing podcasts, create branded segments, use dynamic ad insertions, or produce your own series.

Finally, always measure and adapt. Track the performance of your audio strategy and be ready to tweak and layer for optimal results. But be patient, while a dynamic ad will drive results within the 6-10 week campaign period. Show creation, like most content strategies, takes time to build.

The bottom line

Podcasts and digital audio advertising offer an exciting new avenue for retail brands to expand their reach and deepen customer relationships. By embracing the unique qualities of this medium, retailers can craft a marketing strategy that’s not only effective but also resonates authentically with their audience.

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