Promote your podcast: How to grow listeners with podcast ads

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

Promote your podcast

In this article we showcase the use of podcast advertising to advertise your podcast! If you want to increase listener numbers at a low cost and high conversion – read on!

Besides a look at the benefits, we also share a case study that resulted in more downloads and a feature on Apple Podcasts!

If you’re an aspiring podcaster or even a seasoned pro, you’ve likely wondered how to amass a bigger listener base. That coveted 1,000 listeners milestone may seem out of reach, but with the right strategies, it’s entirely achievable. One powerful approach to promote your podcast is perhaps the most obvious. Podcast advertising!

It’s your metaphorical low hanging fruit.

Using podcast ads will help you reach highly convertible audiences because they already love podcasts. And they tune in to similar content. This means your return on ad spend will be high. The audience is relevant and wastage will be low. You won’t be spending on talking to non-podcast listeners. Plus you can use the narrow targeting to speak to look-a-like audiences of other shows.

Why promote your podcast with podcasts?

To get that first 1000 listeners, or whatever your goal may be, you need to create a buzz around your podcast. By creating compelling audio ads and strategically placing them on popular podcast platforms and content (aligned to your genre of course), you can capture the attention of potential listeners.

With podcast ads, you can precisely target by listener country, language, content, and demographics (plus more!). This is what makes it a valuable tool in regards to increasing listening. Learn more about targeting options.

In the following case study, you can see how we use targeting to better promote a podcast called Maida.

case study

How we increased listeners for Maida

Maida, is a popular Arabic podcast for families in the Middle East. During the early stages of the show, they were seeking an increase to listeners and subscribers.

We launched a dynamic audio advertising strategy targeting the key listening audience: female, Saudi nationals with families. The aim was to drive listeners of other shows to search, find, and listen to Maida.

We created a 22-second Arabic-only spoken ad, read by the show’s host, Dr. Mai Hakim. It was distributed across all popular Saudi listening platforms and look-a-like shows.

The audio ad aired for 3 months, achieving an impressive listen-through rate of 94.6%. But most notably, the ad drove action. People exposed to the ad searched for it.

The increase in search inquiries prompted Maida to become a feature on the Apple Podcasts’ homepage under ‘New and Noteworthy’. The feature then drove an exponential number of downloads.

The Maida campaign showcases how targeting within podcasts, will help you appeal to high potential audiences.

Make your podcast popular

Becoming a popular podcaster takes dedication and strategy. But it can be accomplished through various methods, and audio ads are among the most effective. It is a great addition to your marketing strategy, helping to amplify other channels such as social media and search.

Using podcasts will significantly increase your podcast’s visibility. They allow you to target platforms where your potential listeners are already engaged, increasing the likelihood of gaining new followers.

Our recommendation to reach your first 1,000 listeners is create engaging ads and consistently promote your podcasts on aligned content. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right approach, you can make your podcast a must-listen for thousands.

Start podcast advertising for your podcast

If you’re interested in promoting your podcast and want to learn more we can help your with audio ads, as well as monetising your show with ads book a time to chat.

You can launch your first audio campaign from as litter as $250. Visit to learn more about our self serve audio tool!

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