Intro To Programmatic Audio Advertising

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

The reason programmatic audio advertising is on the rise


You’ve read about all the benefits of audio advertising, and you’re ready to dive in. But how do you get your ad broadcasting in the right places? As with video and display, the answer could be within Programmatic.


The audio landscape is huge

Inserting your audio ad in the right place is complicated because the audio space is huge and fragmented.

Audio encompasses all the different audio types – podcasts, music-on-demand, and web radio, plus alternate audio ad space like gaming apps and voice-enabled devices. Add on to that the different platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud…), different ways of listening (streaming or downloading), plus different networks, genres, devices, etc., etc. And don’t forget the 2 million + podcasts.

It’s a jungle out there – and we need a map!

Navigate with programmatic audio advertising 

Programmatic audio advertising streamlines all the mess by automating the insertion of your ad across all major networks and platforms, within your targeting parameters.

It’s also super fast to go live because you’re using one platform or provider, so you aren’t dealing with multiple salespeople and processes. Once live listeners will hear your ads as pre-rolls (before the content), mid-rolls (in the middle of the content), or post-rolls (at the end of the content).

Do-it-yourself with Audio Ads Manager

To insert audio into your marketing plan and retain full control using an Audio Ad Manager is a good solution. Still a programmatic structure, you use a self-service tool similar to a social media ad manager to plan, schedule, optimize and analyze your audio campaign.

A programmatic Ad Manager tool has huge benefits, particularly for SMEs and growing brands. It’s low on time and cost, but high on precision and return.

How you can do it

Programmatic seems to be the ideal springboard into audio. You can experiment with how it can increase your bottom line and access highly engaged listeners.

With the additional benefit of precision targeting by demographic, device, network, genre, etc. and detailed analytics for optimization and ROI measurement – it seems like a quick win.

But while there are multiple benefits, you need to take a thoughtful approach. Through audio, you’ll be connecting with your audience at an entirely different level. It’s more authentic, direct and intimate. We recommend taking time to get your message right. Use the right audio creatives, create an easy call-to-action, and be precise with your targeting.

Interested in programmatic audio advertising? Get in touch with one of our team members. Or for our Ad Manager tool visit 

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