A Social Media & Digital Audio Strategy

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

Social media and audio

How to combine social media and digital audio to drive great results!


You’ve got a big sales period coming and you’re in need of a marketing strategy that’ll pack a punch whilst still keeping a low cost per acquisition.

What’s your best option?

We say…social media and digital audio advertising!

Why? Well, firstly these are the top activities people do on their mobile. By combing these two powerhouses in your next marketing plan you’re going to be crushing it this sales period.

A simple media plan

We all know social media is a strong promotional channel because of its reach, appeal, and simplicity. But we also know standing out is difficult because it’s overcrowded with similar businesses targeting similar people.

But once you layer digital audio on top of social media, you’re eliminating these weaknesses and (even better) amplifying your campaign.

It’s a simple media approach that can increase the number of memorable occurrences your brand has in a customer’s day and foster more opportunities for a sale. Don’t forget it’s also budget-friendly, with both channels having a low cost-per-acquisition.

3 tips to create a social media and audio media plan 


1. Targeting

How do you target the same people on social and audio? Using your social follower analytics and tools discover your customer’s interests and use that for contextual genre targeting across audio networks e.g. comedy genre or news or technology etc. There are thousands of podcast and music genres to pinpoint. Before you move on….we stress not narrowing too much on audio or your reach will be very limited.

2. Tracking

Review all the analytics as a complete campaign, as well as social and audio separately. Ensure your audio partner uses audio attribution tech to precisely track all relevant actions taken after being exposed to an audio ad.

3. Call to Action

Consider including your social handle in the audio ad creative. With a clear shout out to your primary social media channel, you will be increasing searches and follower numbers. The idea here is to build a relationship with them after you’ve gained their trust from hearing your ad on their favourite show.

A simple plan with no stress

Opposites attract 

Podcasts, music streaming, and digital radio are all booming particularly among Gen Z and Millennials. It’s the opposite of social media because there is less ad clutter, very low ad-skipping, and high audience engagement. This is true for podcasts in particular because listeners are selecting shows based on passions and interests. This passion increases focused engagement which enhances recall of ads. Spotify state that 81% of listeners have taken action after hearing audio ads during a podcast.

Audio ad recall is the highest of any channel, more than social, TV, and digital; a Super Listeners 2020 study found 86% of those surveyed recalled ads they heard on a podcast. This means because your customer recalls your brand, when they see a social post it is significantly more likely to grab their attention- triggering that important pause for consideration.

A small business marketing plan that works

Digital audio is like a secret sauce for small business media plans. But its underused by advertisers despite being loved by the public.

A 2021 study by WARC found consumers are spending 31% of their media time with audio, but 25% of brands miss audio off their plan entirely. Take this opportunity to diversify your social strategy with audio and you’ll quickly be creating a buzz, sparking interest and standing out from the crowd.



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