Podcast and digital audio advertising in 2023: NBM year wrapped up

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

NBM podcast and audio advertising in 2023

It is the end of another year, and what a great one it has been for digital audio.

Globally, in 2023, the podcast medium hit new heights, gathering 464.7 million listeners worldwide. It is currently worth $23.56 billion. In the world of streaming, music consumers are now spending on average 20.7 hours listening per week; up from 20.1 hours in 2022.

Here at NBM we also have amazing stats from the year. So to close this year we’re pleased to share “NBM Wrapped 2023” – a look at what our clients and business has been doing.

A few key highlights

This year, our campaigns took flight across 22 verticals, with travel, business, healthcare, banking & finance, and automotive leading the charge. We’re talking about globe-trotting adventures with Emirates and Qatar Airways. Plus financial finesse with Zurich and Virtuezone. Health essentials from Panadol and Centrum. Secure transactions via Visa and Saxobank. And revving engines with BMW, VW, and more.

Our digital airwaves captivated a staggering 6 BILLION monthly impressions, engaging 850 million listeners globally in over 50 markets. Talk about reaching the stars!

Education, society & culture, business, language learning, and news were the top podcast genres that resonated with our audience. We’re proud to have amped up the podcast demand by 762%, with a stellar 833% increase in shows onboarded to our network.

Don’t forget this year we also launched our ad manager, so businesses can access audio advertising from as little as $250! Visit admanager.fm for information

Looking ahead

As we gear up for 2024, we’re not just hinting at big things—we’re planning them. We are set for an even more impactful and innovative year ahead with the launch of new services, partnerships, and tech that will make digital audio advertising more accessible and effective for our clients.

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