Why the auto industry is turning to digital audio ads

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Md Raqib Mia

Md Raqib Mia

We explore why automotive brands are using podcast and digital audio ads in their marketing, and example of brands doing it well.

Marketing Brew recently found ad spend is in decline, but digital audio ad spend is up! Why? Brand and agency use of audio is peaking because it gets incredibly positive listener engagement, trust and conversion rates. Good campaign ROI is even making very visual industries increase audio spend – like the automotive sector.

Major car brands are increasingly using podcasts and audio to shift customers’ perceptions and build loyalty. Essential at a time when economic slumps, supply chain issues, and government mandates are squeezing the sector.

Let’s look at the digital audio marketplace in respect to car buyers, the merits of audio branding, and great examples of car makers using digital audio.

SOURCE: Statista. Updated June 2022 Besides the increasing volume of listeners, what makes audio interesting for automotive is the demographics of these listeners.



Digital audio is part of audio branding efforts. Audio branding has become top of mind for leading automotive marketers and agencies because of its ability to trigger interest, intrigue, or memories.

I bet we can all close our eyes and conjure the sound of a revving fast car, or the hmmm of an electric engine, or the squeak of leather seats. Compared to a visual ad showing a shiny new car (which let’s face it, can be fairly indistinct), the sound is much more emotive and thought-provoking. It is more meaningful.

Audio branding is a strategy of using sound (be it effects, voice, music, etc) to define and strengthen a product, service or brand. Historically advertising has been more concerned about what we can see. But that’s not enough for companies to stand out. Our scrolling habits and short attention span makes visuals less effective. Audio cuts through this, giving brands priceless engagement and recall.

The 2020 Spotify For Brands report states “audio ads are memorable and motivational – they drive 24% higher recall than display ads, and are twice as likely to life purchase intent.”

The sound of a car cements itself in our brain more firmly and faster than the same car delivered through visuals. Adding digital audio to automotive advertising brings another dimension to the car experience, producing layers of emotional response that imagery cannot replicate.

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