Answers to the top podcast targeting questions

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

Podcast targeting FAQ download.

Let’s save you some time. Download the podcast targeting FAQ and get all the answers you’re seeking. A free download that will improve your audio advertising knowledge and campaign results!

Communicating your ad to the highest potential consumers is invaluable; it’s leads to more sales, loyalty, and awareness. Which is why we get a lot of questions about podcast targeting capabilities.

As great targeting needs to be understood and executed right, which is why we’ve put together this FAQ download.

What’s in the Podcast Targeting FAQ download?

When you download the FAQ, you will see answers to 9 of the most important targeting questions, including:

  1. How is targeting data collected?
  2. What targeting options are available?
  3. How narrow should you target?
  4. Is targeting just for podcasts or other types of digital audio too?
  5. How narrow does location targeting go?

With this download you’ll not only get a better understanding of what’s possible, but also some insider best practice advice.

Audience targeting is an essential part of any successful podcast advertising campaign. Implement these tips to maximise personalisation and drive up awareness, likeability, and conversions.

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