Case Study: Hubpay’s use of audio ads for personalised marketing

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

Hubpay case study personalised ads

A look at audio advertising and its use for better personalisation in marketing.


The issue with personalised marketing

Generating attention and new customers for your business is a goliath task. If your battle strategy relies on personalised marketing, have you ever stopped to consider this…

Personalised marketing is on the majority of business plans. If all these businesses use the same “classic digital channels” then surely the channels get clogged up. Multiple brands sending personalised ads to the same people, saying (generally) the same thing. So then, does it actually still work? And how can you and your business do it better?

Bombarding audiences with ad quantity is going to cost a lot, take time, and incur high wastage. So what’s the other solution?


Audio Ads could be the answer

Digital audio is gaining traction as a viable advertising channel that can address exactly this issue. It is a media channel that delivers more specific original content and higher relevance to the consumer. Therefore advertisers benefit from high engagement, as well as the comparatively low time and cost investment.


Case Study with Hubpay

Hubpay, a Money Services Provider, is one such business using digital audio to cut above the noise.

At the beginning of 2023, Hubpay was seeking a way to drive awareness of its services and new top-up methods in the UAE. By layering digital audio in its media mix, Hubpay were able to deliver hyper-relevant personalised ads that were precisely targeted to the consumer hearing it. This relevancy thereby peaked interest among high value potential customers.

Speaking for Hubpay, Maia van Paridon says “In the same way Hubpay is the new method people use to manage their finances. Digital audio is the new way people consume content. And as a business that values innovation, audio falls into this.”

Teaming up with Next Broadcast Media, leading global audio advertising network, Hubpay’s ambition was to communicate with specific expats living in the UAE, with their money transfer offering.

“With the Hubpay App, customers can conveniently open an account and safely remit money to India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Europe, UK, and Canada. With so many destinations, audio was an ideal channel to effectively deliver personalised ads” says Maia van Paridon.

Hubpay strategy & results

Speaking for Next Broadcast Media, Lemya Soltani says “Our strategy was to create multiple versions of the ad, switching the content and language of the ad so it’s relevant to each target nationality, therefore Hubpay reaches the most receptive listeners and drives real interest.”

Using historical listener data, segments can be created to aid personalisation. “In the case of Hubpay, we utilise data on the language of the content, device, and publisher origin, to deliver the most appropriate ad. This is a great way to increase personalisation, and therefore outcomes’ adds Lemya.

The Hubpay UAE campaign consisted of a 30 second multi-language ad, broadcast across numerous digital audio channels including podcasts, web radio and streaming, for a 12-week period.

“The independent post campaign report showed solid ROI, particularly in the interest metric. Interest being an important KPI for a business communicating with new audiences about a new product, like Hubpay”. says Lemya Soltani.


The bottom line

The pursuit of attention and new customers for a business can be an immense challenge. In an environment where feeds are full of endless “personalised” ads and screen fatigue is real, audio offers an effective solution. Digital audio is a rising star among advertising channels because of its ability to deliver ads in a place of heightened awareness, low ad frequency, and high relevance is achievable.

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