Using audio ads for announcements & promotions

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

audio for annoucments and promotions

Promoting a special event or sale? Or perhaps your announcing the launch of a new product. Either way, by leveraging the immediacy and intimacy of digital audio you’ll be on to a winner. Audio can easily be used to create a sense of urgency, generate excitement, and drive foot traffic or online conversions.

Let’s learn how. 


podcast ads drive a higher likelihood of buying a product by 61%


Why use audio ads for promotions & announcements?

One of the strongest why’s, for the use of digital audio in a media plan is because of the buzz it can create. When your ad is placed alongside international shows or popular music, listeners associate your brand with that content. Thereby making you sound bigger and increasing trust factor. A priceless competitive advantage!


Another why is standing out. You can cut through the noise of the cluttered visual environment found on social, search and display. With audio we typically get only 1-2 ad spots per download/stream. This is why there is marginal ad-skipping and an average listen through-rate of 85-95%. Your ad stands alone, delivering a complete message in 15-30 seconds!

Did you know consumers are more likely to research a brand after hearing an audio ad? Nielsen reports an average 10% lift in purchase intent among those exposed to a podcast ad, and a higher likelihood of buying a product by 61%!

Finally, another great point to add to the “why list” is speed! Programmatic audio ads are quick to produce and go live. This means you can easily switch up your creative as the event approaches – usually within 24 hours or less! 


Audio for event promotion case study


case study

We partnered with Dubai’s Global Village (the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment project) to deliver audio ads to expats and UAE Nationals of all ages (16 years+). The aim of the campaign was to announce the opening and drive ticket sales. The ads were aired across both music streaming and podcast formats, and delivered results that exceeded all set KPIs. 

There is a tendency for many advertisers to rely on visuals to promote events or sales. This discounts the power of other human senses. The work with Global Village shows when brands move beyond visuals it creates a holistic campaign that is hugely effective.



Our pro-tip to maximise the announcement and promotion effect


When using audio for an announcement or promo, it’s going to be new information for a listener. Therefore the key for success is all in the creative content.

Be sure to optimise for audio-only consumption. It sound obvious, but its important enough to state – we consume audio ads without visual cues. Therefore ensure your message is clear, concise, and impactful. Use language and sound effects to create vivid mental imagery and capture listeners’ attention. Incorporate a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) and avoid too many details, numbers or complexity. 

We also suggest creating a unique simple CTA for the audio channel. This is so you can better analyse the impact on your overall campaign. 

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