The Best World Cup Marketing Plan

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

Let’s explore why podcast advertising is going to be the best World Cup marketing enhancement you make.

The World Cup, like all popular global events, is going to be a great opportunity for you. Millions of eyes and ears will all be in this one place. Use it to sell more and grow awareness.

We anticipate more podcast content and consumption during the 2022 World Cup. This makes it an ideal channel to be present on. But besides that, by using podcast advertising you can narrow in on the key audience at scale, and amplify your other media channels to better stand out. After all, you’re not going to be the only brand capitalising off the event.

Podcast advertising is doing it better


Benefits of podcast advertising for global events

We see a lot of brands turn to YouTube for advertising because its huge and popular! So of course the World Cup will trigger many to go there. But there is no way you can get a six-second YouTube ad to achieve anywhere near the same engagement and conversion rates as podcasts.

  • Podcast Engagement RatesEdison Research report found 90% of podcasts are listened to in solitude and Wired found 93% of listeners consume the entire episode
  • Podcast Conversion Rates: Spotify states 81% of listeners research or purchase something after they hear it on a podcast.


Add podcasts to your World Cup media plans

Podcasts are a strong medium by themselves but also completely complementary to all digital, social, print, TV, and OOH media. Data shows by adding audio to your media plans, consumers take more notice, have more trust, and are more likely to consider your product.

An example of this comes from Australian Radio Network’s Neuro Lab. They found out-of-home and TV messages saw a 35% average increase in memory when paired with media running across audio channels. Why? Human brains are wired to retain audio messages. Our auditory memory lasts longer than visual memory. By creating a podcast ad you become more memorable and elicit stronger emotional responses.

Marketing to sports fans and males

The sports category is one of the top five most popular podcast genres out there. At the last count there were about 40,000 sports shows and over 5,000 football specific shows. The popularity of this genre has not gone unnoticed by audio giants! As part of Spotify’s recent shopping spree they bought The Ringer and Bill Simmons Podcast.

When it comes to male podcast listeners, a 2021 Nielsen study found Technology and Sports are the most popular category; each equaling 82% of males saying they listen to these genres.

Additionally, they found the median household income of those that listen to Sports genre is $94,874 – coming second only to business which ranked number one at $95,076 median HHI.

TOP TIP: To maximise podcast ad effectiveness during the World Cup you should not only use contextual targeting to embed ads into sports categories, but also other interest areas such as tech, news, business and health. This will give you more reach and better outcomes.


World Cup Marketing ideas!

A great idea for World Cup marketing is to following the event in real-time. It adds story and relevance, and is less likely to be considered as straight advertising. If your marketing message follows a player, team, results etc. podcast ads are supportive of this.

Creatives in programmatic podcast advertising, much like digital, can be instantly switched for immediate change. You can create a variety of ads ahead of time for fast changes or at Next Broadcast Media we have a team of voice talent and producers that can quickly turn around audio ads within hours.


Podcasts – a great way to market to football fans!


The Bottom Line

The World Cup is a small window of huge opportunity that every brand should be seeking. Don’t get lost in the noise! To make an impact, adding more media spend into social or creating disruptive ads is not going to work. Instead diversify media plans with podcasts to build trust, engagement and awareness. More ears will be listening during the World Cup and it should be you they hear.

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