Insights: Podcast Consumption during Ramadan

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

We have a new survey and it’s telling us podcasts are actively sought out by Saudi residents during Ramadan. Particularly for Gen Z and Millennials!


In our newest audience research, older generations appear to be most likely to be decrease or cease audio consumption during Ramadan. There is also an overall average drop in music listening. On the other hand, when you compare streaming and radio, podcasts aren’t as affected. The demand for podcast content is still there, and it’s high!


Ramadan audio survey results

Between February and March 2022, we spoke to 1,316 KSA residents aged 18-65 years. We wanted to learn how and when podcasts, digital radio, music streaming, and commercial FM radio are consumed. Including how this changes during Ramadan!

Technology, the pandemic, and lifestyle shifts have all contributed towards communities in Saudi Arabia changing their listening behaviours and habits. Our goal with this survey is to shed light on these new preferences so brands can create marketing strategies based on fact, and be more effective. For both Ramadan and beyond.

When we focus on attention to the responses around The Holy Month, the data shows us an overall increase in consumption of podcasts and streaming.

Key data on podcast listening during Ramadan

  • Podcasts see an overall 22% additional uplift in consumption during Ramadan.
  • Digital natives are the ones predominantly listening, with 45% of regular Gen Z and Millennials podcast listeners tuning in more or the same amount. Compared to just 25% for older generations.
  • 30% of Gen Z and Millennials will listen to podcasts all day long during The Holy Month, and 28% dedicate time to listening after iftar hours.

Key data on music and radio listening during Ramadan

  • Music is the least consumed audio content during Ramadan with 76% of total respondents saying they stop listening to music altogether during this time.
  • For the 24% that continue listening, it is more likely to be digital audio than FM Radio; with 27% still streaming music,  20% using digital radio, and just 13% tuning into commercial radio.
  • Again, Millennials and Gen Z are the ones listening. They are least likely to give up streaming music than radio during Ramadan. We see 33% decreasing their consumption of FM Radio, whereas only 20% decrease streaming music.
  • We also know from our survey that 60% of Saudi residents are connecting to podcasts and music in their car, which hugely reduces the opportunities for commercial radio to be consumed when commuting.

It’s likely more people continue streaming music during Ramadan than commercial radio because they have full control of what they hear and when.

Audio advertising for Ramadan

While the core values of the Holy Month remain unchanged – devotion, generosity and reflection. Our results show younger Muslim generations are utilising on-demand digital audio to navigate their days.

With these insights, marketers should seriously consider adding podcast advertising to media plans. It will extend the reach, awareness, and impact of Ramadan marketing efforts. Audio awards a better way to connect with the digitally-savvy, active Muslim in innovative and meaningful ways

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