The Power of Podcasts: The Benefits of Podcasts for Marketing

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

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Podcast advertising stands out as a well of untapped potential. For this reason we host our annual event Power of Podcasts, where we take a unique look at the current state and future possibilities of advertising with podcasts.

We’re proud to share insights from an exclusive article originally published in Campaign Middle East, which is drawn from the experiences and discussions at our recent “The Power of Podcasts” event.

Whether you’re a media professional, a marketing enthusiast, or simply curious about the next big thing in advertising, these insights are designed to inform, inspire, and ignite discussion. Read on to discover how niche targeting, sonic branding, and authentic storytelling are making podcasts a critical part of effective media strategies today.

For the full depth of analysis and expert discussions, be sure to visit the original article on Campaign Middle East.


The recent “The Power of Podcasts” event in Dubai, hosted by Next Broadcast Media, brought together a collection of UAE’s to podcast creators, advertisers, agencies, and experts to discuss the rapidly evolving landscape of podcast advertising. The insights shared inside the event were crucial for understanding this dynamic medium and the opportunities it offers. From sonic branding and programmatic strategies to niche content and brand safety; here are the key topics explored, offering valuable best practice insights that can inform and educate all on this storytelling medium that’s redefining marketing strategies across the region.

A Local Look at Podcasts

Podcast listenership has surged in the MENA region, with millions tuning in. Data shows that 67% of adults in Saudi Arabia and 62% in the UAE listen to podcasts for over an hour each week, placing these nations among the world’s top podcast consumers. This high engagement provides an opportunity for regional brands to utilise this medium to reach a profitable and influential audience. It was highlighted numerous times ignoring podcasts on media plans, is ignoring a huge segment of consumers.

The Power of Niche Content

Programmatic advertising emerged as a critical strategy for reaching niche audiences through long-tail targeting. While mass-audience shows have their place, it was said that niche podcasts attract fiercely loyal followers that advertisers should utilise. Creators are encouraged to focus on what they are passionate about rather than optimising solely for reach. For advertisers, this authenticity provides diverse targeting options to access highly engaged unique audiences. Using a long-tail strategy combined with programmatic advertising will yield impressive results at a lower cost than display and video.


Podcast vs. Social Media Followers

It’s important to distinguish between podcasts and social media followers. Social media followers often discover content passively, while podcast listeners actively choose to tune in. Even podcasts with only a few hundred listeners can be considered successful due to their audience’s high level of dedication. Leveraging these “smaller” podcasts offers both reach and engagement when accumulated. 

Branded Content

Brands are increasingly exploring opportunities to collaborate with podcasters or create their own shows. Authenticity is crucial, as emphasised during the event. When using host-read ads or sponsorships, advertisers should build long-term relationships with podcasters to foster genuine, mutually beneficial partnerships. Alternatively, creating a branded show allows brands to build a dedicated following while showcasing their company, products, services, or values.

Listening in Saudi Arabia

Sound as a Connection Builder

Sound is a marketing superpower! Sonic branding is crucial in this audio-first medium, offering a powerful way to establish brand recall. Research presented demonstrated that sound leads to 800% more ad recall than visuals. By creating unique and memorable audio identities, brands can build strong connections with listeners long after an ad has played. Podcasting provides an unparalleled platform for sonic branding, allowing brands to craft recognisable, immersive audio identities that resonate with listeners even after they’ve tuned out.

Targeting High-Net-Worth Individuals

Podcasts excel at delivering deeply personal storytelling that builds brand loyalty. Their unique ability to engage listeners in a more intimate way than other media makes them particularly effective for luxury advertising. High-net-worth individuals (HNWI) are a challenging audience to reach online, and during a panel discussion it was said podcasts offer the ideal environment due to this demographic’s guarded online behaviour.

Brand Safety and Suitability

There was an emphasis on the importance of brand safety and suitability. A priority for the majority of advertisers at the moment. General safety tools often limit reach, making it essential to leverage purpose-built tools designed specifically for podcast content. Advertisers should use these specific tools to identify suitable content that matches their brand rather than limiting their reach by excluding shows.

Advances in Podcast AdTech

New ad-tech developments, purpose-built for the unique podcast sector, are empowering both creators and advertisers. The event explored these innovations, which help advertisers craft more effective campaigns while gaining clearer insights into their return on investment. For creators, access to professional studios in the MENA region and platforms for monetising shows is benefiting podcasters at an individual level as well as maturing the industry as a whole.


The Bottom Line

These insights from the Next Broadcast Media “Power of Podcasts” event highlight the immense potential of podcast advertising, reinforcing it as a rapidly growing, engaged, and story-driven marketing channel in the Middle East. Brands and advertisers should explore the medium’s creative and strategic potential rather than overlook it.

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