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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

Saudi podcast listening

A Saudi podcast has just become the most watched podcast episode in the world. Proving, when it comes to targeting Saudi Arabia in your marketing, podcasts cannot be ignored. Here we look at some data that shows how you’ll be able to reach Saudi customers at times other media can’t.

Podcast listenership has surged across the MENA region, but specifically in Saudi Arabia data states a whopping 67% of adults listen to podcasts for over an hour each week. This is the second highest ranking country in the world, with South Africa just beating it.

In May 2024, Saudi podcast Fnjan, achieved over 100 million views for a 3-hour episode featuring Yasser Al Hazimi. This number makes this Arabic spoken podcast the most-watched podcast episode on YouTube globally, surpassing Joe Rogan.

This high level of engagement should not – and cannot – be ignored by media planners. It offers a fertile ground for advertisers looking to make a real impact – especially during moments customers are otherwise unreachable.

Podcast Listening Habits in Saudi That Matter

Our recent survey highlighted diverse listening habits among Saudi podcast audiences, with significant numbers tuning in while driving, at home, and even while falling asleep.

Saudi Arabia podcast listening. When do you listen to podcasts?

  • In the Car & At Home: A tie at 45%, showing that whether on the move or lounging, podcasts are a favourite choice.
  • Bedtime Listening: With 26% tuning in while falling asleep, podcasts prove to be a nightly ritual for many.
  • Active Listeners: 25% integrate podcasts into their workouts, making it a perfect time for energetic and motivational messages.
  • Work & Commute: 22% engage with podcasts at work or while commuting, turning routine travels into opportunities for learning and entertainment.

Such insights indicate that podcasts are a companion during moments when other media might be inconvenient or intrusive, such as during commutes or late at night.

This uninterrupted listening experience is what makes podcasts an ideal medium for delivering deeper, more impactful messages. How can we make such a claim?

Actionable Insights from Saudi Listeners

An important aspect of advertising effectiveness is the action it drives. In the same survey that informed our chart, 55% of podcast listeners stated they have taken action as a result of hearing an ad on a podcast. This could range from visiting a website to making a purchase, highlighting the persuasive power of podcast advertising.

If your brand or client’s marketing is targeting Saudi Arabia there is a strong case to add podcasts to media plans.

Saudi Arabia Podcast listening

The Flexibility of Podcast Advertising

Podcasts offer various advertising opportunities tailored to different strategic needs. Here are a few methods you can leverage this medium:

Programmatically Inserted Ads: These are ads automatically placed into podcasts in pre-determined slots, allowing for timely and relevant advertising. Use our to launch your first campaign in Saudi Arabia. The platform is free to sign up, includes a full creative studio, and able to give live in 4-minutes

Sponsorships: You can sponsor entire shows, episodes, or segments, associating with content that resonates with their target demographics. Learn more about these options here.

Custom Branded Podcasts: Creating a podcast can establish a your brand as a thought leader, building a narrative that speaks directly to listeners, fostering trust and loyalty. Learn more about building a show of your own here.

Why Podcasts Are an Advertiser’s Dream

1. Engaged Listeners: People choose podcasts for content that interests them, often listening with keen attention.

2. Targeted Advertising: Ads can be tailored and inserted based on the podcast theme and listener demographics, ensuring relevance.

3. Flexibility Across Budgets: Whether a large enterprise or a small startup, podcasts provide options that fit various advertising budgets and goals.

4. Brand Safety: Unlike other platforms where content can be unpredictable, podcasts offer a safer environment for brands.

The Bottom Line

Podcasts represent a growing opportunity for advertisers in Saudi Arabia, and MENA as a whole. With their ability to integrate seamlessly into daily routines, provide engaging content, and connect with listeners on a personal level, podcasts offer a unique avenue to build meaningful relationships with audiences. If you are looking to stay ahead in the competitive field consider podcasts as a key component in marketing strategies.

Reach out to us to learn more about podcast and digital audio advertising in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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