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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban launch

We have officially opened access to our new AI powered ad manager, – which allows any business to create and broadcast podcast and audio ads within minutes and at a low cost.

The platform is free to sign up and practical for any business size and verticle. If you’re an advertiser that wants to run campaigns as low as $250, you can do it! Got a campaign that needs to go live now, no problem! Need huge reach, our inventory includes more than 50 global markets. Its a flexible tool, that offers full control and transparency.

The ad manager tool provides advertising capabilities for the podcast, digital audio, and web radio environment. It has been live for several months to select NBM customers, and is already showing early signs of success. 

Our Co-Founder Adel Saadi says “AdManager.FM allows businesses that are curious about podcast and audio advertising, to get a taste at a scale that works for their needs and budgets. We see this solution being especially significant for SMEs that thrive on low cost – high return tactics, and want to do things fast. An Ad Manager campaign can be live in just 4 minutes and $250.” 


Accessed at, the self-serve tool lets advertisers set up targeted podcast, web radio and digital audio campaigns at their own budget and pace. The added AI integration provides instant (and free) script writing services, plus an option for professional recording.

The user interface is designed to be clean and simple, so anyone can set up and run campaigns . It’s just a matter of inputting a budget, date range, and targeting, then moving onto the creative – which is all automated too using AI. That’s it, you’re ready to go live! We like to say “4 steps, 4 minutes”.

As a company thats been exclusively working in the digital audio space for 5 years, we’ve seen first-hand the explosion in listener numbers, podcast creators, and brands seeking advertising. But on the flip side we have also seen that there’s barriers to access, especially for small businesses. Things like resources and minimum media spend being a common problem.

This is why was developed. It is part of our commitment to making audio advertising affordable, accessible, and effective – for every business. It’s one platform where our you can access inventory for all the leading audio platforms – and have full control over it too.

With low investment all businesses can now see first-hand the impact that’s possible.

We are not stopping here! Our audio network is constantly growing, and this tool will develop and evolve too. We have many exciting additions coming soon, so be sure to sign up! is live now and open to free sign-ups from all businesses.

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