Black Friday Marketing with Audio

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

Black Friday marketing with audio ads

Black Friday marketing is a specific type of campaign that targets consumers looking for one thing – a bargain! They want that amazing Black Friday deal. The marketing investment you place on this small window of time needs to work, and work well.  In this post we look at using audio to do just that.

A whole lot is riding on a fleeting window of time to lure in customers with commercials that entice on the promise of one-time-only sales and special promotions. As an advertiser during this time you need to focus on what will convert and be noticed.

The advantage of audio for Black Friday marketing

The advantage of today’s audio ad tools is that you can put up an audio ad quickly and across multiple platforms/networks at a cost lower than creating a video.

Plus lets not forget that the average listen-through rate (LTR) for audio is between 85-95%. Compare that to the average YouTube ad view rate of 31.9%! This high LTR means ads are often heard in their entirety, spreading awareness rapidly and effectively. 

With audio you have more opportunity to get a competitive advantage and increase sales. It is a space where businesses of any size can effectively promote themselves. You cut through the noise of the industry, reaching a huge audience in an immersive lean-in space.

3 Actionable Tips

You know why, so the question that arises is how. How do you use audio to magnetize your customers towards your Black Friday sale? Here are 3 of my top tips:

  • Make your promo clear and simple. Use the words Black Friday, repeat the offer you have. How would people buy from you if they don’t know what you’re selling? 
  • Tailor your audio marketing strategy. Know what your consumer is listening to. Have a unique promo deal or creative for the different genres.
  • Start early to benefit more. Start promoting your business to drive awareness. There will be less noise and similar offers to compete with. Then, switch up the ad creative on the approach to Black Friday. Start with teasers, then switch it up to a date count down. This ground work will help generate audience interest!

Want more insights to get your clients or boss onboard with trying audio? Download our infographic, that dives into listener data and advertising insights.

Check this blog on using audio for conversion campaigns for more aquisition inspiration.

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