Using audio ads for customer retention

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

audio for customer retention

How Audio Ads Can Boost Customer Retention 


Part of a good customer retention marketing strategy is improving brand recall. That’s because it leads to long-term brand loyalty and increases the shot of referrals and repeat purchases. But we all know a customer’s mind is prime real estate! In a world saturated by competition, that space is very valuable. To secure that spot for your brand, audio advertising needs to be part of your arsenal. Why? 


The data bit


Did you know, Nielsen Podcast Ad Effectiveness insights found that podcast ads drive an aided brand recall rate of 71%?!?

Here’s something else. The “THE POWER OF YOU” study by Ipos looks at the power of brand elements on linkage and recall and juxtaposes that against the number of brands actually using these elements. It shows brand recall goes way up when using sound in branding efforts. (The purple line also shows the lack of brands utilising this tool!) 

sound brand recall impact



Using podcasts for customer retention


case studyWe partnered with Publicis and Haleon, the multinational consumer healthcare company, to add digital audio to their marketing mix for Panadol Migraine to increase purchase and repeat purchase. Ads were distributed across local and international podcast shows, music and webradio targeting adults in the UAE.

Speaking for Haleon, Marketing Manager Areej Yacoub says “It’s because of the widespread effect on the population, we knew podcasts would be an important channel for our campaign. It has wide reach, and incredible awareness and recall capabilities”. 

The audio advertising delivered strong ROI, with post campaign studies revealing significant uplift in the product and brand’s likability and interest.

Alina Sukhar, Publicis senior media manager for Panadol says “We’re aware that our customers, like us all, consume enormous amounts of information across multiple screens. There is a lot of noise to cut through. With digital audio, we can engage with our audience one-on-one, throughout their daily routine: whenever they are listening to their favourite song while exercising or getting entertained through podcasts on their commute”.


podcast ads drive an aided brand recall rate of 71%


Our pro-tip to maximise the retention effect

To use audio ads for customer retention, you want to utilise the emotional response audio ads can trigger. Evoke emotions and create an emotional connection with your audience by telling a story. Craft a narrative that draws listeners in and showcases your client’s offering. Consider using characters, anecdotes, or relatable situations that the target audience can relate to and find themselves in.


Here is a nice example by Uber. While there is little in terms of script, you can quite easily visualise the story of someone finishing work and heading out with friends after. The finishing tagline provides all the necessary information and acts as a powerful CTA.


Of course, be sure to tap into emotions that align with your brand values and the desired perception you want to create. Consider their pain points, aspirations, and values when crafting your ad scripts. Don’t forget to include your loyalty offer in your ad too!


Also, use a programmatic strategy to run an always on campaign across numerous audio touchpoints. Refresh your ad every 10-12 weeks or so to stop your ad becoming stale. And of course optimse all the time, removing under performing placements and maximising the most effective.

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