Using podcasts for thought leadership & education

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

podcasts for thought leadership

Podcast popularity is sky-high, and data shows 74% of podcast listeners tune in in order to learn new things. This makes podcasts a great channel when your marketing objective is education or showcasing your expertise. 

The best way to achieve this marketing objective is either sponsoring podcasts or creating your own audio content. 


organisations with branded podcasts saw 89% higher awareness & 57% higher brand consideration



Podcast sponsorships

One sponsorship option is to have your brand baked into a show, where you feature in a full episode or segment. This format positions you as experts, trustworthy, and valuable to the listener. You can also negotiate shout-outs, logo in the creative, and links in the show notes. Plus there’s potential of becoming part of ongoing conversations in the future.


Podcasts sponsorship can help you effectively drive up sales and brand awareness through the intimate relationship hosts have with listeners. Podcast influencers have been shown to trigger much richer emotions, feelings, and trust than visuals – making it more persuasive tactic than using social influences. Show sponsorship is a higher investment than programmatic advertising, but is a proven effective strategy to establish a strong brand, build credibility, and attract new customers.


Branded podcasts

The other option is creating your own branded show. With this strategy you can share industry insights, expert interviews, or tips and tricks that establish credibility and build trust with your audience.

In a report commissioned by the BBC, organisations with branded podcasts saw 89% higher awareness, 57% higher brand consideration, and 24% higher brand favourability.

Creating a podcast for your business might seem like a big project. But in reality you can integrate it into your content strategy, and it costs less than video production! We created a full Q&A for branded podcast creation, check it out here: BRANDED PODCASTS: START HERE

When it comes to creating your own branded podcast, pick a topic you can offer a fresh approach to. Also, research the most popular genres within your target country and audience to see what formats are most popular. Don’t forget to look at data out there too; there is especially a lot of generational research – for example SXM 2023 survey found Gen Z is looking to hear real life stories (94%), banter or back and forth conversations (92%), shows that can be binge-listened (91%) and interviews with different guests (90%), and almost six in 10 say it’s important that podcasts provide them with good tips and advice. 

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