Using audio ads for geographic marketing campaigns

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

Geo targeting with audio

Local businesses or businesses targeting specific geographic areas can benefit from audio ads by using location-based targeting, and engaging with local podcast creators. Using audio will strengthen community connections and drive relevancy up to the maximum.

Did you know 51% of people who listen to 5 or more hours of podcasts per week say they pay more attention to ads on podcasts than ads on other media (Edison Research)!

If your audio campaign is programmatic (dynamically inserted ads), then targeting allows for geo-targeting by both location and language. 

Location targeting, no matter the objective, is one of the best ways to reach a specific audience! This is because you can make your ad hyper personalised.  At NBM, we offer location targeting based on:

    • Country
    • State (where applicable)
    • City
    • Zip/Post-code: the most granular of location targets

Buying audio ad inventory across a network using specific geo-signals will give you both a large reach while still ensuring an exact audience is selected – no matter how they are listening or what they are listening to. 

Also don’t forget to use language targeting with geo too! This will increase connection and awareness because your ad creative is in the same language! 

Good examples of this in practice might be a local restaurant that can target listeners within the same city. Or a global ecommerce company targeting the countries they ship to.


51% of super-podcast listeners pay more attention to ads on podcasts than other media


Geo-targeting has to be one of the most used and effective podcast ad targeting parameters. Learn more about targeting here!



Of course, utilise geo targeting if you’re running a programmatic campaign. Or use local creators in sponsorship opportunities. The connection and trust listeners have with these local hosts will be deep which you can benefit from.

Develop compelling and relevant audio messages that resonate with your target audience through the use of colloquial language and local references.

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