How to boost your summer marketing campaign with podcasts

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

Summer listening to audio

You’ve designed a creative, unique, and fun summer marketing campaign; the task now is to get customers to take notice. But whether it’s promoting a sale, hosting an event, or simply brand building, your summer marketing will undoubtedly benefit from the boost from podcasts. Here’s our expert Lemya to explain why….

“Engagement, trust, recall, and measurability – four key advantages of audio that make it a powerhouse across the entire marketing funnel. From top to bottom. Meaning it works for all types of campaigns. Summer is a window of huge opportunity to sell your brand/product/service to valuable customers. But there is a lot of marketing noise! Taking a unique approach to summer marketing is vital to generate real business results. Adding more budget to social or creating disruptive ads is not going to work. Instead, you can diversify media plans with podcasts to build trust, engagement and awareness.” (Lemya Soltani, Next Broadcast Media)

Audio effect on the marketing funnel

Above Lemya touched on podcasts powerful affect across the full marketing funnel. Lets take a closer look at that idea.

At the top of the funnel, awareness and consideration, podcast ads have an average listen-through rate of 85-95%…compare that to the average YouTube ad view rate of 31.9%! This percentage occurs because the majority of ads are heard in full. By hearing the whole message awareness is more rapid and effective. Therefore increasing recall. In fact, podcast ads generate 4.4 times higher brand recall than other forms of digital advertising. 


Lower in the funnel, listener behaviour studies indicate consumers are likely to research a brand after hearing an audio ad, driving up search traffic and conversions. Neilsen reports an average 10% lift in purchase intent among those exposed to a podcast ad, and a higher likelihood of buying a product by 61% (compared to 56% of those who did not hear an audio ad). Like display, we can also use audio attribution tech to give you a transparent view of website visits as a result of an audio ad. 


summer - clothes and headphones
Everyone is listening this summer


Adding podcasts to your summer marketing plan

There are different podcast advertising strategies: podcast creation, podcast sponsorship, and dynamic podcast ads (programmatic). All these, not only work in harmony with other media but boost other media effectiveness too.

  • A programmatic strategy will give you huge reach, and access to a highly engaged audience and offers narrow targeting. It is also the most budget-friendly approach. A pre-recorded audio ad is inserted into podcasts in an automated manner, within your targeting parameters.
  • Podcasts sponsorship can help you effectively drive up sales and brand awareness through the intimate relationship hosts have with listeners. Podcast influencers have been shown to trigger much richer emotions, feelings, and trust than visuals –  making it a more persuasive tactic than using social influences. Show sponsorship is a higher investment than programmatic advertising, but is a proven effective strategy to establish a strong brand, build credibility, and attract new customers.
  • Show development is part of an inbound marketing/content strategy. Creating a branded podcast allows you to build an audience, share a story, and bring awareness in a meaningful way. Plus it costs less than video production! Here’s an example – develop a podcast to entertain kids during travel. Or a show that helps people get in the summer mood though relaxing advice or tones. 


The bottom line

Podcast ads can do it all, from building awareness and interest in a brand or product to generating leads and conversions, and even driving customer loyalty and advocacy. It’s a competitive edge, that can make the cutthroat summer marketing months more profitable for you. 

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