Mobile Gaming Ads: How Audio is Making it Work

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

Mobile Gaming

Billions of People Are Playing, Are You Missing Out?


What’s a mass marketing channel that your business might be avoiding? Answer, mobile gaming.

Despite the number of mobile gamers surpassing 2.6 billion, gaming ads are often dismissed for being too expensive, intrusive, or just not appropriate. But because there’s such a significant number of players, it doesn’t make business sense to just ignore it.

We’ve been helping many global brands utilise the gaming environment with audio ads. A method that gets ads in front of targeted players, in a non-disruptive manner. Great for both the business and the gamer!




The gaming industry generated $203.1 billion in 2022 including all formats. Of this total, the mobile gaming market share, was a whooping 51% ($103.5 billion).

Mobile gaming is 51% of the total gaming market in 2022

The sector has consistently been growing, hyper-casual games being the main driver of downloads. Did you know 50% of game play is in the bathroom? I’d say that’s an excellent environment that nurtures high engagement!

Users from Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and South Korea, are the biggest players, on average logged in for 5 hours of play per day (

It’s no wonder with this big reach and engagement smart businesses are making use of its meteoric popularity to increase revenue.

50% of people play on the toilet
Do you play on the toilet?



I’d bet you have personal experience of annoying (often questionable) disruptive ads that stop your play, and goes on and on and on and on and on and on….soooooo frustrating! And not an emotion you want associated with your brand.

In-game audio advertising on the other hand captures the audience opportunity with non-interruptive ads. We do this by serving an audio ad during game play. Ad delivery is still in the high attention environment of gaming, plus you get high share of ear because only one ad is played per session, and it’s un-skippable!

You might now be thinking “ok great, but what about people that play with sound off, and targeting?! I only want my customers to hear it and be able to follow through. How do you do that?!”

I’m glad you asked!

– SOUND OFF: Ads are only good if people take notice. Luckily, tech has enabled us to verify that a gaming audio ad can be heard. This means we only allow the ad to be served and played if the device sound is on at a minimum 30% level.

– TARGETING: Audio gaming ads are programmatically inserted into gameplay. This means we also have the usual programmatic targeting capabilities you’d expect. There’s a vast amount of demographic and contextual data for you to target only your most valuable customers.

– CONVERSION: Alongside the audio ad, a clickable banner is displayed just outside of the play area (to remain non-disruptive). This allows customers to seamlessly transition from an audio ad to your website, landing page, etc.



No one wants their gameplay blocked to receive an advert. This makes audio ideal for businesses looking to capitalise on the incredible mobile gaming opportunity, in a user friendly manner. It’s also a price-efficient way to enter this attractive mass marketing option, that is uncluttered, holds high attention, that comes with targeting and detailed analytics.

If you’re interested in learning more about mobile gaming audio ads for your next campaign, book a meeting

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