The Importance of Programmatic Podcast Ads in Ramadan

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

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More reach, more engagement and more return – why programmatic podcast advertising should be part of your Ramadan marketing strategy



The month of Ramadan may be a time for rest for Muslims, but it is a busy commercial time. Increased competition for consumer attention and spending is a challenge you’re going to have to conquer. Standing out with an effective Ramadan marketing campaign is easily solved by supplementing your media with podcast ads.

Podcasts as a marketing channel can be beneficial during Ramadan because they give you incremental reach, access to a highly engaged audience, and offers narrow targeting.

Here are the specifics:





Traditionally lots of people are inside during Ramadan contributing to the increased levels of digital consumption. Research states 48% of those celebrating Ramadan spend more time on their mobile. The evolution of mobile audio listening platforms and shows makes audio a primary activity people are conducting on their phones. Plus, as many people listen to podcasts while performing other tasks, such as driving, relaxing, or doing household chores, a unique golden opportunity is created: a chance to communicate directly with valuable customers – at a time no other competitor can.


Additionally, Google Insights states users in the MENA region spent over 50% of their time-consuming online entertainment via apps and downloaded twice the number of entertainment apps during Ramadan. As people look for more ways to enjoy digital content during this period, savvy marketers will ensure their message is present!





Google trends data shows searches for Ramadan-related content peak in the week prior and during the Holy Month. As more listeners are logged on and searching for relevant content you capitalise on this by targeting shows based on location, language and context. In addition to these targeting options, there’s also dynamic targeting for even deeper personalisation. With time-based dynamic targeting for example you can opt for your ad to broadcast pre or post-iftar hours.





The cost of programmatic podcast advertising can vary depending on a number of factors, such as length and frequency but in general, it is considered to be relatively low cost compared to other forms of advertising. You can set a specific budget for your Ramadan advertising campaigns and pay for ads that are served to the target audience, which helps to reduce the overall cost of the campaign.




As you see, this Ramadan you use programmatic podcast advertising to reach a precise audience at scale and at a low cost. If your businesses are looking to improve Ramadan business results, try adding podcast ads to your strategy.


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