Our Top Audio Ads Blog Posts of 2022

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

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As we close the year, let’s recap our most popular audio ads blog posts from 2022.

Looking at our top 10 most read list, it seems people were predominately seeking foundational education. These articles teach the basics of audio ads, formats available, how to optimise, and measuring for success.

If 2023, is the year your brand wants to start digital audio advertising, then this run down of articles is going to be a great place to start!


Number 1

OUR MOST READ ARTICLE What are the KPIs and benchmarks for audio ads?

In this article learn the key podcast advertising performance indicators you should be looking at. Plus the ideal benchmarks reach campaigns, awareness campaigns, and conversion campaigns should reach.



Number 2

The best World Cup marketing plan using audio

The World Cup might be over, but the principals still apply to any live event or seasonal occasion. In this article you learn how to podcasts can enhance marketing plans by reaching and converting more.


Number 3

How to measure podcast ads – impressions and downloads metrics

I love this article because its so practical and it answers an important question: when measuring podcast advertising effectiveness should you use the downloads or impressions metric?


Number 4

How to market to Gen Z in the Middle East

This is our hugely popular Gen Z ebook. Packed with data, insights and practical tips, armed with this guide you’ll be able to launch a killer Gen Z audio advertising campaign. Free to download still!


Number 5

The fundamentals of programmatic audio advertising

In this article learn what programmatic audio advertising is, how to buy it, how to best measure campaigns, and why its beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Basically everything you need to know.



Number 6


Can podcast ads be targeted?

Our most recent article and the subject of our latest podcast too! In this article we look at 6 different ways you can reach your target audience with podcast advertising. Follow the tips and you’ll maximise campaign ROI.


Number 7

How to use podcast influencers

I’m not surprised this features in our top 10. This was a questioned posed by many of our clients. In this article we look at 4 ways you can use podcast hosts to amplify the impact of a campaign.


Number 8


Why podcast advertising in Dubai is growing

Since writing this article, we’ve witnessed phenomenal growth across the whole GCC , especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The reason? Arabic language content. This is an important read if Emirati’s are your target consumers.


Number 9


Why the auto industry is turning to digital audio ads

Many automotive businesses are using digital audio ads in their marketing mix. In this article we explore why and real examples of car brands doing it well.



Finally, Number 10

A simple media plan for small businesses (and large!)

I’d say almost all businesses use social media of some form. In this article we look at how a simple social and audio strategy is low in cost, has huge reach, and drives awareness sky high.


It feels like 2022 was a great year for the sector.

Podcast advertising has become much more mainstream. We helped many brands launch audio campaigns for the first time, and the market (as a whole) witnessed huge investments. There has also been a lot of excitement about the future too – namely the predication of becoming a $4 billion industry by 2024!

It’s an exciting time to be part of this flourishing industry, and we hope you’ll be part of this growth too!


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