EBOOK: Ecommerce Marketing with Podcast Ads

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

ecommerce podcast advertising

Free downloadable guide to ecommerce marketing and podcast ads


There’s a reason why the most successful ecommerce brands in the world use podcasts ads. Download our free ebook and learn how to create powerful ecommerce marketing plans using podcast ads.

Our free eBook includes:

  • Why podcast ads work eCommerce
  • Example of brands doing it well
  • Podcast advertising stats and what you can expect
  • How to ecommerce company can start podcast advertising
  • How to choose the right podcast ad format and budget
  • Writing and recording an effective podcast ad
  • Intro to podcast ad media buying


How podcast ads get more ecommerce shoppers

A typical eCommerce marketing strategy includes online display, search and social advertising. It’s (somewhat naively) considered to be the path of least resistance – targeting people already online to your online store.

While this is a good, tried-and-tested formula, in today’s competitive world you need to think bigger too. And by bigger I mean, a multi-dimensional strategy that considers your customer’s multi-dimensional life offline.

Audio represents a massive opportunity for you to connect with consumers at multiple times during the day, wherever they are – commuting, at the gym, working, cleaning, cooking, even sleeping! It is a channel people are interested in and passionate about. Listeners become educated about your brand from a trusted source, in a lean-in engaged environment, encouraging more visits to your website.

Don’t limit your thinking to online-only marketing. Audio is one of the secrets to success large eCommerce companies are using, and it’s an accessible medium for brands with any size budget.


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