EBOOK: Audio ads for Gen Z in the Middle East

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Suzi Kuban

Suzi Kuban

Download our guide to Gen Z and using digital audio ads to capture their attention (and dollars!)



In this guide you will learn:

  • How much Gen Z loves podcasts and streaming with our survey results and data-backed insights!
  • The value system of Gen Z and how audio ads align
  • Benefits of digital audio and how to sell it to your boss for approval!
  • 5 tips for building a great Gen Z audio ad campaign
  • The uniqueness of the Middle East’s Gen Z and how they differ from other countries




A glimpse of what’s inside…

Traditional broadcast radio is the least listened to audio format. Slowly falling victim to the digital age. Only 4% of our surveyed Gen Z saying they tune into FM radio regularly, we fully expect commercial radio to shrink off of media plans. Love for digital audio however is high among Gen Z in the UAE.
Industry data shows that 54% of UAE Gen Zs believe that audio streaming platforms have significantly shaped the way they discover and connect to the culture and 43% have searched for more podcast content in the last year.

All the data and research highlights this digitally native generation have adopted podcast and music-streaming in all parts of their life. It’s the epitome of what Gen Z hold dear – accessibility, diversity, creativity, and personalisation. Adding these audio channels not only puts you where Gen Z is most engaged but allows you to get creative, be more authentic and have high relevance.



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